On Edge: Anticipating Come Again by Robert Webb


Following the success of number one best-selling memoir How Not To Be A Boy (2017), Robert Webb returns this April 23rd with his debut novel Come Again.

Whilst his How Not To Be A Boy centered around his own personal experiences, with a strong push for equality and recognition of the damaging aspects of masculinity, it seems Come Again utilises his personal experiences through its depiction of a love story.

Due to Webb’s experiences in hit TV show Peep Show, it’s undoubtable that this novel will have some hilarious moments in it. His memoir featured much comedy, perfectly intertwined in the serious messages and memories portrayed throughout, so we can certainly look forward to some humour in his new novel. He has demonstrated his flawless yet casual writing style in his memoir, so we can also definitely anticipate more of this talent being demonstrated.

If anyone is a fan of Peep Show, it is safe to say that you will be a fan of Webb’s work. Come Again is definitely one to look forward to, as it will no doubt be interesting to see how his fiction writing fares in this novel, as it is obviously a very different process to writing a memoir. No matter what, though, I have no doubts that Come Again should definitely be on your to-buy list this April.

Come Again is available to pre-order now via Canongate, and will be published on April 23rd, 2020.


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