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There’s no nice way of saying that Shakespeare can be proper boring, it’s just a fact. With all those words that kind of make sense in an oldy-woldy way – however, the Sh*tfaced Shakespeare Company puts a modern spin on this with one simple, slightly boozy addition; alcohol. Unfortunately, it is not you, the audience who has had one too many. It is, in fact, one of the cast of talented thespians portraying the classic works.

Born out of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the show has become a hit theatrical performance, brought to life by Magnificent Bastard Productions. The concept is genius, and it is understandable why it was such a hit at The Fringe, as the shows are stripped back, with minimal production and a small cast, yet this just enhances the magic of the comedy. The shows are dirty, rauchy and rude, but encourage an amazing response from the audience, demanding more participation than a large majority of theatre production which works beautifully. You had better hope you aren’t sat in the front row, otherwise, you will be immersed in the NSFW action, or covered in vomit from the drunk thespian.

Previous shows have included Hamlet, The Taming of the Shrew and, most recently, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which was beautifully chaotic. Having previously seen a professional, non-intoxicated version of  A Midsummer Nights Dream performed, there is no true comparison that can be drawn between that and the performance by The Sh*tfaced Shakespeare company. It’s essentially a completely new show, apart from a loose Shakespearian storyline. The fact that there is a mediator to make sure that the show doesn’t completely fall apart is genius. The mediator takes the comedic helm, and is responsible for the intoxication of the tipsy thespian, along with volunteers from the audience who decide when they should have another beverage. Without them, the show would not be the same.

Due to the successes that have happened with the previous performances, Magnificent Bastard Productions have expanded to another theatrical genre; musicals. Sh*tfaced Showtime was born, and has taken on Dickens in A P*ssedmas Carol and Oliver with a twist.

However, if you want to see first hand the chaotic tendencies of the Sh*tfaced Shakespeare cast, they have a residency this summer performing Macbeth at the Leicester Square Theatre, London and are touring the UK this autumn with their rendition of Romeo and Juliet.


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