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Though there was a dim tone to the episode, the queens on this season are truly amazing and part 2 was just as good as part 1 of the premiere.

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Here comes the premiere’s second part, and to summarise the episode in three words it would be: booty, disqualification, and Fosse. This week’s episode showed six new amazing queens, however, due to the recent controversy surrounding Sherry Pie, it did set an eerie tone for the episode. Sherry Pie has been accused and admitted to some severe allegations of catfishing which resulted in her disqualification from the show. As the show is filmed so well in advance the disqualification means she will be banned from attending the Grand Finale, but we will still be seeing Sherry Pie on our screens until she eventually gets kicked off. Apart from that, this episode was amazing and again shocked me and other fans at the pure talent of this year’s season. Episode 2 had the same format as the first episode, there was a fashion show in which the queens showcase their best Spring and Fall looks, this allows us to get a glimpse of their aesthetic whilst also getting to know each of the queens.

Rock M Sakura entered the workroom first and was a ball full of energy and was like a child who had eaten too much sugary candy. She is hilarious and has a unique fashion sense, the judges called her ani-mazing for her blend of anime looks merged with high fashion. She also released vulnerability in this episode as she admitted her mother was addicted to meth, she is a diverse character who even in one episode we have seen multiple sides of. She is en route to becoming a fan favourite.

Next came Dahlia Sin, she is from the House of Aja and she truly shocked me this episode, her bad bitch attitude and amazing looks made her seem like only a look queen. But throughout the challenges, she showed she has many hidden talents and had us all screaming when she already aired her booty on international television. The same can be said for Jan, who at first seems like Courtney Act and Cheryl Hole’s love child, she is a gorgeous queen and quoted Fergie in her entrance debut. She again was expected to be just the pretty queen, however, on her runway, she deep throated a wrench whilst wearing a sickening jumpsuit. This had us all gagging at home.

Jaida Essence Hall was a truly beautiful queen, her looks were one of the standouts of this episode and not only from being gorgeous she can sing, act and become a meme queen through her fiery facial expressions just in the first episode. Jaida’s fall look was one of the best looks I have seen on the show and had everyone shook as she graced the stage. The last queen to enter the workroom was Aiden Zhane, she is the ‘spooky’ queen of the season, however, this story arc was so season 4 and truth is her looks are not that out there. She is a combination of Sasha Velour and Scaredy Kat and does produce some amazing looks, but not enough to have the ‘spooky queen’ story.

The main challenge was inspired by the musical Chicago, this changes the tone from last week’s episode as it was musical theatre based rather than rapping. It showed the split of queens and their musical abilities, as the singers were in this group whilst those who could not sing were in the first group. All the queens performed amazingly in this episode, Jaida showed us her booty and unleashed a new side of her, before we had seen as rather professional and elegant then she started grooving and getting dirty and we loved it. Rock decided to do a fart on stage in front of the legendary RuPaul and it was a moment to go down in herstory. No queen left this episode, the same as last week and instead the two top queens lip-synced for $5000. Jaida and she who shall not be named lip-synced and Jaida turned it out, she gave us everything. From humour to glamour she has it all.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Series 12 is available now on Netflix, with new episodes weekly.


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