Closer To The Edge: Our Favourite Fictional Couples of the Decade


Andrew and Isobel Martin – The Humans by Matt Haig

Matt Haig’s The Humans explores human life from an alien perspective, in the form of Cambridge professor Dr Andrew Martin. Though skeptical at first, and prepared to complete his mission of killing wife Isobel and son Gulliver, learning the ways of the human race and adapting to life with his family changes Andrew’s mission. After falling in love with Isobel, Andrew realises that although humans are dumb, feel too much and have weird inventions like music, these are all things that make humans unique and lovable. He discovers the backlash of cheating, what heartbreak feels like, and how being with the one you love is worth more than anything in the universe. Isobel teaches Andrew how to be human and love, whilst Andrew helps his wife rediscover what it means to feel, appreciate, and make miserable son Gulliver happy. Not your typical romance, but a must-read nonetheless!

– Maddie Lock

Celie and Shug  – The Colour Purple by Alice Walker

Celie and Shug from The Colour Purple (1982) are one of the best fictional couples in literature, not because of the romantic or sexual relationship they have, but for the personal growth within Celie which occurs due to her relationship with Shug. The relationships enable Celie, the weak, submissive girl grow into independent and free-thinking by the end of the book. It shows the power of female relationships. The homosexual relationship was a rarity for the time and their relationship portrays homosexual relationships and the liberation that can come from falling for someone of the same-sex. Celie’s growth as her relationship with Shug makes her feel important, giving Celie a sense of identity while also making her feel physically and emotionally comfortable. Something the men in her life never allowed her to do.

– Morgan

Percy Jackson and Annabeth chase – Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan

Listen, if you grew up with the Percy Jackson series, you know that Percy and Annabeth are the couple to ship. There is no way any declaration of love can beat soulmates holding up the literal sky for each other. Or turning down immortality for each other. It’s rare readers get the chance to see all the details in the progression from best friends to significant others. From meeting to their first official kiss, Percy and Annabeth’s love story is one of trust and friendship. At the end of the day, no matter what the Gods threw at them, they conquered it together. 

Best moment? 

It was the best underwater kiss of all time. 

– Hilary Ip



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