Most Romantic Art Galleries to Visit on a Date


There are obviously a plethora of art galleries to visit across the world, and this list is inevitably endless. However, I’ve chosen three incredibly famous galleries that I believe would make the perfect date destination for you and a significant other.

The Louvre – Paris

Based within one of the most romantic cities in the world, it is entirely expectable for the Louvre to feature on this list. This is perhaps not a great one to visit on a first date due to the entry fee that, although is not extortionately expensive, may deter you from entering when there are galleries and museums to visit for free. Nonetheless, if you think you’ve found the person you don’t mind spending money on, then The Louvre may well be your perfect date destination. Its huge vicinity, being the largest art museum in the world, allows it to feature many, many different pieces of art which span across centuries and countries, and they also have guided tours every day for visitors to fully immerse themselves into the cultural and artistic contexts of everything they see. This is probably the more traditional museum than the others featuring on this list, so this would be ideal for you and a significant other to see a wide variety of art and items which are bound to act as powerful catalysts for intriguing conversations.

Whitney Museum of American Art – New York

Manhatten-based Whitney Museum is undoubtedly one to visit with a significant other as it features some of the most eye-opening art around. Focussing primarily on 20th and 21st Century artwork, the Whitney is well known for its memorable uniqueness, showcasing art that’s more than just painting on a page. When strolling around the numerous floors, you will stumble across extraordinary art including video, neon signs and art involving multiple props in the room. There are entire spaces dedicated to particular art pieces, often perfect for any photo-taking you may get up to on this date. Due to the uniqueness of the various artwork across the museum, it allows the perfect opportunities to discuss important themes around politics and society that seemed embedded in numerous art pieces. Also, as this is extremely important nowadays, the artwork and installations make perfect pics to add to your Instagram feed.

Tate Modern – London

Hosting similar art and talents to New York’s Whiteney Museum (but with perhaps considerably less photo opportunities), the Tate Modern is the obvious “easy” option on this list as it’s most accessible to us students in Southampton. With numerous exhibitions hosted at various points throughout the year, a date to the Tate is suitable at pretty much any time of year. The free entry to the museum, with fees only applicable to some parts, is also another factor making this museum a perfect location for a date. The art here will really give you an insight to the person you’re on a date with, depending on their reactions, as the Tate is well known for producing some confused and rather angry responses to the rather unique artworks on display as individuals may question just how and why a single line on a page counts as art.


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