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Week 3 of Love Island has treated us well, we finally received the drama we have all been waiting for. It all started when Rebecca chose Luke T, this was a shock to viewers and islanders but especially Siannese. This was the second time Rebecca had gone for the same man Siannese was interested in causing a heated argument between the two with Siannese proclaiming that Rebecca broke ‘girl code’. Rebecca felt she had done nothing wrong causing both women to angrily walk off. This drama continued until they eventually made up by agreeing to disagree.

Last Friday’s episode led to a public vote where we had to vote for our favourite couple, the couple with the fewest votes would leave the villa. The couple who had the smallest number of votes were Sophie and Connor, in a shocking turn of events, only one member of the couple would be forced to leave the island, and this was chosen by the fellow islanders. Connor was voted out the villa leaving Sophie single and ‘devasted’, however fans took to twitter to express their discontent with Sophie for not leaving with Connor. Sophie’s feelings for Connor were again put into question as she begged Nas to couple up with her as she felt her “villa journey is not over”. Causing fans to believe Sophie is rather playing a massive game or never really liked Connor. Soon after, two new bombshells entered the villa, Demi and Wallace. The newbies had to choose three islanders to treat them to dinner, one for starters, main and dessert. Demi chose Finn, Luke M and Nas while Wallace chose Siannese, Paige and Sophie.

Fans were excited for the arrival of Demi as she expressed an interest in Nas, who has been labelled the underdog of the season. He is one of the most loveable characters, however no female contestant had (till Demi) expressed interest in him. They have now begun a beautiful love story, shared a cheeky peck, making the public fall even more in love with Nas. The other newcomer Wallace also caused Luke T to realise he really likes Siannese and wants to be a ‘one woman’ man, so tells Rebecca (who he is coupled up with) he isn’t interested in her that way. This caused AGAIN another argument between the two girls as Rebecca felt mugged off from Siannese for not telling her the full situation on what is going on with Luke T and breaking ‘girl code’.

In more couple drama news Leanne gets the ick with Mike proclaiming she doesn’t want him to “touch” her, be “near” her or “talk” to her. She quickly told Mike she doesn’t like him probably in one of the most brutal ways ever, though this was extremely harsh, it was beautiful TV. Though Leanne was the product of her own misfortune as the day after she dumped Mike came the recoupling, causing Leanne to be dumped from the island. Leanne dumping Mike, unlocks his player side as he attempts to go for three girls in the villa; Sophie, Jess and Rebecca. Sophie quickly family zones him by proclaiming he is her “brother”, but Jess on the other hand (who was recently coupled up with Mike before he chose Leanne), has expressed interest. Making for a typical Love Island triangle between Luke M, Mike and Jess with Mike naming himself the “sexy side dish” and quickly cringing out audiences as he ‘lays it on thick’ with Jess. In less dramatic but funny news, the recoupling caused ‘Avocado on Toast’ gate, Wallace made Rebecca avocado on toast which offended Rebecca causing her to go on a rampage across the villa proclaiming her discontent with avocado’s. This argument killed their relationship before it even started.

Friday nights episode ended on a cliff-hanger – true Love Island form – as the couples had to choose who they thought were the least compatible couples in the villa and those who were the least compatible would be up for elimination. The least compatible couples were Rebecca and Wallace, Sophie and Mike, Jess and Luke M, and Siannese and Luke T, the last couple were only put in as Sophie and Mike assumed, they would be safe.

The current couples are:

  • Shaughna and Callum
  • Siannese and Luke T
  • Paige and Finn
  • Demi and Nas
  • Rebecca and Wallace
  • Sophie and Mike
  • Jess and Luke M

Be sure to catch week 4 of Love Island as Casa Amor is back, which couples do you think will be at risk?

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