Review: Rupaul’s Drag Race UK (Episode 6)


A fairly boring episode, with the only highlight being arguments between queens and the judging panel.

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Following last week’s absolute whirlwind success, with the Frock Destroyers version of ‘Break Up (Bye Bye)‘ absolutely blowing up, a less gag-worthy episode was needed this week. Although the episode to follow was not one you’d be desperate to re-watch, the opening fight between Divina and The Vivienne could be re-watched a million times, most notably thanks to its editing. 

After being asked who she would pick if she’d won the mini-challenge, Vivienne did not instantly say Divina, which caused Divina’s temper to explode. She claimed to be “always last on the list with you [Vivienne]”, then going on to attack all the queens by saying she has “more skills than any of these bitches”. But Vivienne quickly clapped back, stating that “for the past 10 years I’ve seen Divina in a silver dress and a red wig” suggesting Divina’s ego needs to be taken down a peg. Yet the funniest part of all this gag-worthy argument was the classic Drag Race editing, zooming on shocked expressions, and ending with Blu saying “well that conversation just scalped me” and removing her wig.

Despite Divina bringing the argument up throughout the episode, including to Ru, and appearing somewhat attention-seeking through it, the episode moved on. This week’s mini-challenge wittingly being titled ‘BBC’, standing for ‘Boxers, Briefs or Commando’. Bringing in the Brit Crew, Queens had to avoid getting flustered whilst asking the crew to pull down their trousers after guessing which of the BBC they’d be wearing. Divina then won the challenge, earning herself a chat with American Drag Race superstar Katya – which seemed again to fit this bully-narrative as she got deep and questioned how to cope at this stage. 

The main challenge asked the queens to brand and create adverts for their very own bottled waters. A very odd challenge, which proved to be somewhat boring. Blu’s ‘Blu Hydration’ was branded similarly to her Mary Berry in snatch game; unnecessarily crude. She said things like “oh yeah daddy” and deep throated her water bottle, which seemed a little irrelevant and uncomfortable for a water ad. Cheryl’s ‘Cheryl Hole’s Dancing Diva Drink’ was actually incredibly funny, especially the moment in which she did an iconic finger point to highlight the benefits of her water. The Vivienne branded her ‘Drippin” quite close to home, using a thick scouser accent to gain laughs, and throwing her baby away to embrace the perks of her water. Divina kept it political, using ‘DD Sea’ to critique the plastic pollution in waters, and warning that her water may induce “severe shade”. And lastly, Baga kept it typical of her humour (which is getting a little tiring), for her ‘Baga’s Chippy Tea Water’. This water was branded as the fish and chips flavour fulfillment, without the “bum and tum”, though Rupaul was rather unimpressed with this British humour.

This week’s runway then saw the queens dressed for a ‘Rainy Day’, with icon Cheryl Cole starring as guest judge, and gracing the runway with her gorgeous neon green co-ord suit look. Naturally, this caused a major heart-to-heart between her and personal favourite Cheryl Hole, one that almost ended in tears not only for Cheryl Hole, but for fans too. She finished her devotions by telling Cheryl that Girls Aloud “absolute devoed” her when they broke up, something British viewers I’m sure can relate to. This emotional chat aside, none of the queens looks bar The Vivienne’s were much to remember. She wore a creative horror-chique look, with a raincloud above her head, Billie Eilish-esque black tears streaming down her blue face, and a gorgeous black gown – a look that went on to win her another Ru Peter badge. Cheryl and Blu wore very similar looks, with a shiny jacket and short skirt. Baga looked like a messy old granny, with an unfitting sequin coat, and didn’t even give off rainy day; just doing her usual slapstick faces that are no longer enjoyable or relevant. Even Divina’s ru-veal was questionable, with an unflattering yellow raincoat turning into an ugly bumble-bee themed dress. 

These runways and ads led to some disagreement between Michelle Visage and Cheryl Cole, with Cole claiming Baga’s ad was perfectly on brand, and Visage arguing that “she’s not called Battered Sausage”. This led to some self-disbelief from Baga who seemed to be giving up backstage. She claimed the judges were very harsh, that she didn’t know or care to learn the song, and that it was “bye-bye Vienna for Baga”. Considering she’s somehow avoided critique until this point, and mostly been praised, it all just seemed a little childish and as if she just wanted to leave if for a second the ground she walks upon wasn’t being adored. Vivienne clearly felt this too, and in an angry and very British manner told Baga to “go and learn your songs, I’m going for a ciggie”. 

However, much to Baga’s relief it was actually Blu and Cheryl who landed in the bottom two. With Cole as guest judge, and lip-syncing to one of her songs, it was fate that Cheryl Hole smashed it and remained safe. And although Blu was told to sashay away, it was certainly the best lip sync of the season. Even sassing the queens upon her exit, telling them “don’t be feeling Blu, just follow her on Instagram!”

Next week the UK queens will face the iconic make-over challenge, dragifying their mums and sisters as the finale comes ever closer. 

Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK  episode six is available to watch on BBC Three via BBC iPlayer now.


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