Review: Rupaul’s Drag Race UK (Episode 5)


This week saw the queens try their best at being girl groups, and featured two versions of the catchy ‘Break-Up (Bye Bye)’.

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Beginning by opening up the library, this episode was destined to be enjoyable. With her Canadian-wit, Crystal deserving won the reading challenge. Her most notable read being “Baga Shitz, how many times are we gonna have to flush to get rid of you?” Sending Ru and the queens wild with laughter.

Ru then announced that this week they’d have to bring it to the main stage, performing as girl groups “whose first single is destined to be their last”, which gave us the catchy ‘Break-Up (Bye Bye)’. 

Crystal, Cheryl, and Vivienne labeled themselves Filth Harmony, after brain-storming other genius names such as Little Minge and Atomic Shittens. Baga, Blu and Divina also brainstormed, their final name being Frock Destroyers after their other humorous ideas of Breastiny’s Child and Nuclear Pussy.

After the scandal surrounding both Lucian Paine and Todrick Hall, Ru played it safe by bringing MNEK into record vocals with the queens. Here we learned that both Vivienne and Baga can sing (what can’t they do?!) and Divina can screech like a dolphin – MNEK more kindly comparing this “whistle tone” to Mariah Carey. Cheryl also labeled herself the “Beyoncé of the group”, and Crystal claimed she was a “fierce rap slag”. 

Despite their confidence, Filth Harmony, unfortunately, flopped on the main stage – looks that didn’t match, Vivienne unsure of the words, and group dynamic lost through Cheryl’s girl-group realness vs. Crystal fading into the background. However, their competition wasn’t easy, with Frock Destroyers slaying their performance and gaining the first triple-win of the season (good job winners only get a badge and not anything of financial gain!). It seemed that Filth Harmony were the drunk mums of Frock Destroyers, wishing to live out their daughter’s dreams but just looking a down-right mess. 

As they prepared themselves in the workroom, Divina spoke about the implications of Section 28 on their youth. This section, put in place under the Thatcher government in 1988, stopped the promotion of homosexuality. Divina recalled that this meant teachers often felt they couldn’t say anything on the matter, even in instances where Divina was being beaten up and they refused to step in. There were tears in the workroom, but some of joy too when Divina noticed how times have changed surrounding homosexuality. Speaking of their time as a teacher, Divina noticed how when some kids called her ‘faggot’ etc. The majority of children were disgusted at how wrong they were – showing major growth around the issue of homosexuality in society.

This week’s runway brought us looks for ‘Day at the Races’. Though no one particularly stood out (bar Divina’s humorous jockey look), Frock Destroyers did have the best looks, making their triple win even more justified. Crystal’s look also deserves a mention, for its similarities to Season 11 Sugar Cain’s ‘Facekini’ runway look. 

Despite Crystal clearly performing the better lip sync for your life, it was obvious before even starting that Vivienne would be the one to stay. Yet again, Rupaul’s rigged-race struck, saving her favourite to win the show opposed to who actually performed well. 

In the preview for next week’s episode, we see the tensions rising in the workroom, as Divina and Vivienne go head to head. This, paired with their interesting challenge of branding their own water bottles, is sure to make for an entertaining week. 

So don’t forget to catch the next episode of Rupaul’s UK to find out who makes the cut of top 5!

Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK  episode five is available to watch on BBC Three via BBC iPlayer now.

Watch the series’ trailer below: 


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