Review: Rupaul’s Drag Race UK (Episode 3)

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After the past two episodes of Rupaul’s Drag Race UK  being somewhat slow, the cattiness and drama caused by Ru and the queens on episode three made up for it.

I’d like to begin with a list compiled of all the times Vinegar Strokes had shade thrown at her questionable looks throughout the episode, which unsurprisingly ended with her elimination:

  • “her looks are a mess” – Crystal
  • Her drag being labelled “kind of a hodgepodge” – Rupaul
  • “This is delusion, not illusion” – Michelle Visage
  • “You look like you fell in the bins” – Baga Chipz

Though Vinegar tried to defend herself by claiming her drag state was “glamour, but with a sense of humour”, the jury had definitely spoken. Verdict? Her looks were a mess!

Moving on… the mini challenge of this week was for the queens to dance around a maypole. Despite Crystal fully mounting it and showing off some impressive body strength and talents, Cheryl Hole won. Rupaul wittingly labelling her ‘Cheryl Pole’ its questionable whether the chance to make this pun, or the fact that she death dropped twice (clearly having studied Drag Race to know Ru will always fall for a death drop) is the reason behind her win. Glammed up in a lush suit of his own, Rupaul then cracked out another joke stating that for this car boot sale inspired sewing challenge, the queens looks must be “100% ru-purposed”.

Now, as The Vivienne nicely summed up “we all know a sewing challenge is coming, so if you haven’t prepared you’re stupid”. Though the announcement of this challenge naturally caused the usual hysteria amongst queens who have never before touched a sewing machine, one such queen (unsurprisingly) being Vinegar. In contrast to queens like Crystal who boldly stated “I know what I’m doing, I can’t fuck this up”. The cockiness was well-justified considering she came close second to Davina’s iconic tartan bag pantsuit Klub Kid look. Two looks that must also be mentioned are Baga Chipz gag-worthy (meaning genuinely be sick – not a compliment!) Brillo outfit that should’ve sent her home, and “sum ting wrong” as labeled by Michelle, who made an ill-fitting power suit that landed her in the bottom two.

Finally, some noteworthy moments of the episode that deserve a mention. Firstly, The Vivienne showing off her tattoo of the name Cher cannot go unnoticed – jealous is an understatement. We also saw a different side to Blu Hydrangea that got her noticed as the “under the radar shade queen” with her adding to the impending rows and drama that seem to be fast approaching. Lastly, despite episode three lacking the meltdowns and heartfelt moments of the episode prior, Crystal did open up to Rupaul about her unshaven drag look. She claimed that she enjoyed the fact that people see a pretty face, then notice the hairy chest/armpits and “it just fucks with them a bit” – embracing a side of drag that Ru seemed a little uncertain of, but seems to be going down well with viewers.

Tune in next week for episode four when we are blessed with… Snatch Game! Let’s wait and see which iconic British stars the queens choose to impersonate, in this always-anticipated week of Drag Race.

Ru Paul’s Drag Race UK episodes one to three are available to watch on BBC Three via BBC iPlayer now.


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