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The end is nigh and ready to stream. Funny, emotional and expertly done, this is truly one of the best TV shows this year.

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It’s a wonderful time to be Neil Gaiman fan, and even more so if you’re one who is signed up to Amazon Prime.  After the success of American Gods, it was only a mater of time before another one of his works was adapted for the small screen; this time, it was the 1990 novel co-written with the late Terry Pratchett.  After its launch on May 31st, Good Omens has been a critical and commercial binge-worthy success (even if, like me, you had an exam three days after its release).

This stand-alone series follows the unlikely friendship between the angel Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) and the demon Crowley (David Tennant) as they strive to put a stop to the oncoming apocalypse.  Good Omens, much like American Gods is rich in mythology and religion, dramatic and touching at the same time and shows Gaiman at his best.  An adaptation of the novel has been a long time coming – now, almost 30 years after its release, the adaptation is bittersweet: the show has finally been brought to our screens, but after the death of Pratchett in 2015.

Michael Sheen and David Tennant are exquisite in their roles, with undeniable chemistry that makes the characters a real triumph.  Tennant in particular is a gem in his role as the demon.  You may even go out immediately after watching to buy a pair of his iconic sunglasses (or was that just me?).  A special mention also goes out to Adam (Sam Taylor Buck), whose transformation from innocent 11-year-old to the literal Antichrist is portrayed with immense talent.

Although each of the six episodes in the miniseries are focused on the events of the apocalypse, episode 3 (‘Hard Times’) is a true highlight.  The beginning takes us through the development of Aziraphale and Crowley’s friendship from Noah’s Ark to 1960s London.  Although it’s somewhat separate from the end of the world, this episode is a necessity to make viewers fall in love with the unlikely pair.  Name a more iconic duo, I’ll wait.

Ever wondered what the soundtrack to Armageddon would be?  According to Neil Gaiman, it’s Queen’s Greatest Hits, and let me tell you, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is exactly what has been missing from every other action scene ever made.  Perfection.  With regards to the visual effects, they were certainly impressive, but without overshadowing the fantastic acting and writing, which is always a worry in adaptations such as this.

Showrunners have been adamant that Good Omens is a miniseries; Crowley and Aziraphale will grace our screens no more.  Although this undoubtedly adds to the series’ charm, I can’t deny that I’m heartbroken.  But all hope is not lost – the original book is a must-read, and if you’re a really big fan the script book is available for purchase now.

Since finishing my intense binge-watch of Good Omens, I haven’t stopped thinking about this treasure of television.  As a long-time Neil Gaiman fan, I was protective over the book, but I couldn’t be happier with how this turned out.  Beautiful, hilarious and magnificent, Good Omens is the show to fall in love with this year.

Good Omens is available in its entirety on Amazon Prime Video now. 


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