Review: Legally Blonde the Musical at Mayflower Theatre


Just like the 2001 movie, Legally Blonde the Musical is absolutely fabulous.

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After opened at the Churchill Theatre Bromley this September, Legally Blonde the Musical has hit the stage with its all-singing, unapologetically energetic UK tour. Based on the smash hit 2001 comedy, former Eurovision and X Factor star Lucie Jones shines through (literally) in the lead role of Elle Woods. Supported by a fantastic cast, including EastEnders’ Rita Simons as Paulette Bonafonté, we follow Elle on her mission to Harvard Law School in hot in pursuit of her one true love, Warner Huntington III (Liam Doyle). Though she soon surprises us as underneath her ditzy, fluffy exterior, Elle Woods saves the day and turns out to be quite the unexpected legal whizz.

Nell Benjamin and Laurence O’Keefe’s original score certainly puts the music into musical, with their bubbly, feel-good compositions undoubtedly upholding the major star quality of the production. Catchy and fantastic, the cast injected the lyrical performances with a new lease of life, all wrapped up into one big ball of sugar-coated goodness. The musical talents of the cast were quite simply stunning, with lead Lucie Jones pulling off some perfectly executed and impressive numbers. The production’s opening song, aptly-titled ‘Ohmigod’ in all it’s whine-y, squeaky American glory, wont be a song that will stop repeating in your mind anytime soon.

Particularly outstanding musical numbers were ‘There, right there!’ which transported the audience from mediocre courtroom drama to an explosive all-action singing and dancing celebration of gay pride in a matter of minutes. The perfectly executed choreography and high-energy zeal did not stop there, for Helen Petrovna simply blew the audience away in her role as fitness instructor Brooke. Her skipping-rope workout to ‘Whipped Into Shape’ was so slick and skilled it left everyone with great, big open-mouthed gawps.

Set designers Jon Harris, David Shields and Jason Bishop must be highly commended for their colourful and imaginative stage compositions. The set design certainly packed a punch, with Paulette Bonafonté’s Salon and Vivienne’s House party being particular highlights. The production flowed entirely as one, creating bold elements that glided interchangeably. Though most of the time incredibly detailed, the beautifully modest Irish flag backdrop for Paulette Bonafonté’s ‘Ireland’ provided simplistic visual support that did not detract from Rita Simon’s impressive performance.

If you wish to see a production that packs a punch, embodies both emotion and laugh-out-loud humour, an exceptionally well-trained Chihuahua and a few cannons of pink glitter, Legally Blonde the Musical is certainly not one to miss.

Legally Blonde the Musical continues its UK tour until 30th June 2018, next playing at New Theatre, Cardiff 20th – 25th November.


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