Review: Indian Summers (Season 1, Episode 2)


Indians Summers keeps you gripped and leaves you wanting next week's fix

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This week’s Indian Summers was even more intriguing and perhaps on the edge of confusing. I found my self wearing a puzzled expression for a whole hour. The entire episode saw the development of conspiracies and revealed new alliances with hidden motives. The web is getting even more complex  but what this drama does well is balance plot of the English with the Indian natives. The set is continually exotic, the 10 hours having been filmed entirely in Panang, Malaysia. A bit further east than the ideal setting, but vivid nevertheless.

This episode we see the alliance between Julie Walter’s character, Cythia, the matriarch of the socialites and Ralph, a lucrative (by birth) bachelor. These two characters reveal their alliance this week and it seems they are undergoing a conspiracy to set Ralph up with a naive willing american who is all to happy to join him in a tin bathtub. This conspiracy has unknown reasons thus far but seems initiated by her brother. After nearly being shot last week, Ralph seems to know his killer and is involved in the entire muddling of the truth, using his devious staff member who is blessed with a villainous moustache. While the first episode saw Mr Dalal in a serious condition, taking the bullet for Mr Whelan, he soon has a quick recovery and room upgrade. At his bedside he sees two women, both of which are not idealistic for the heritage of his family. Nether will get the family approval and every audience relishes a love triangle. This week is mainly business while small extra sparks are lit sure to set ablaze all at once.

Now it seems like I’m not saying much, and it’s not that a lot didn’t happen during this episode it’s the opposite. Too much happened, there’s too much to delve into, with a huge hole in the plot still yet to be filled, which is brilliant. They haven’t wasted a minute of the episode. I felt the majority of the hour was sat gripped yet perplexed, enjoying the raw and genuine scenes, especially a strong bloody scene, a pattern I’m seeing each week so far. It’s intrigue allows you to exercise your mind instead of getting stuck in dreary period routine like Downtown.

This drama is daring and thought provoking, if only every period drama could be. It touches on social and racial history, looking into the perception of ‘half casts’, the role of the British government and corruption. Although the plot has depth and places to go, next week must see it going there, or the audience might get bored. I feel impatient for the next episode but it’s clear the script writers are telling me, ‘patience my dear, all in good time…’ while I writhe in the corner frustrated.

 Indian Summers airs on Channel 4 on Sundays at 9pm.


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