The Island renewed by Channel 4


The Bear Grylls’ survival show, The Island, has been renewed for a second season by Channel 4.

The show centres around thirteen men who are placed in a remote island, learning how to survive without the luxuries that we are so used to today.

The second season is likely to return in 2015, but it is unsure exactly what format it will follow, with Grylls hinting on The Graham Norton Show that he would quite like an all-female format to also be introduced.

Despite the fact that the show has been surrounded by controversy with regard to its authenticity, it has been a commercial success for the broadcaster, pulling in an average of 2.9 million viewers.

The Island is shown on Mondays at 9PM on Channel 4.

Watch a teaser of the second episode of the show below.



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    keith middleton on

    would love 2 be in the next episode ov this amazing show iv got so much to give and so much to learn so i would love the chance 2 prove i have done well for me and my fello camp mates,was in the scouts so i no about survival and what it entails so give me a shot at it bear .

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    mark stepney on

    I would love for my husband to be on the next series of The Island. For years I have had to suffer him, by listening to him comment on similar shows or situations. From him slagging the other contestants for their “lack of survival skills”, bragging that he “could do better” and his obnoxius boasting that he would out do the rest. When in reality he is a merely a sales manager , who has read a few books and been “wild” camping in the highlands. But in Mark’s words, ” you only get one shot at life” and I am sure he would love to prove me wrong.

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    Maureen, from Stoke on

    Well, I completely agree. I have been on at Terry for years to lose some of that weight and go and climb a tree or something, but all he does is get through Desperate Housewives boxsets likes there’s no tomorrow and smoke illegal substances. I don’t know where he gets them from, but I have a sneaking suspicion Jed from next door has something to do with it. I’ve even considered having an affair but to be completely honest, I doubt he would notice. So, basically, it’s a tough life for those of us who are not married to Bear Grylls but we all have to live the life we are dealt.

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      Gladice, from Cleethorpes on

      Oh my goodness, love, I really think I could be on to something here. My husband has also been hanging around with this punk called Jed. He is a really shifty character. He and his family are Scottish, and he himself is VERY Scottish (and not in a good way, mind). My husband recently introduced me to his family and I was very suspcious. They are either having a homosexual affair (and believe me when I say I am okay with the gays – I went out with a girl called Crystal when I was an intern in London at a hair salon) or they are doing drugs and to be honest I think its the latter. But yes, I agree, I think Bear Grylls could really put my man to good use.

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    Michelle, from Berwick-upon-Tweed on

    I think everyone need to come down. In the end, our men are going to be men and no amount of Bear Grylls is going to change that. They will never be perfect and there will come a day when you have to replace them with a 1000-piece landscape puzzle, a box of tissues and a subscription to Ideal Homes magazine. I must confessed, for a period of time I had Bear’s programmes on series link, hoping my husband would watch them but sadly we had to delete them all when the new series of Celebrity MasterChef started. Sometimes the truth is the truth, the present is the present, and as Grandad Womble once said, whatever shall be shall be. You just can’t force a dragon fly to befriend a lion.

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    Clive from Stanley Pontlarge on

    Ladies, quite frankly I’m sick and tired of hearing comments such as the ones from yourselves. My Florence has been on at me to be more like Mr. Grylls for the last 6 years, ever since she saw him on an episode of ‘Celebrity Come Dine With Me.’ Now I’m a man who has simple hobbies- gardening, or painting with watercolours, for instance. But Flo has me up at the crack of dawn every Saturday, hunting for fresh squirrel to eat that evening. She even suggested I start drinking my own urine in the fashion of Mr. Grylls. I tell you, I will do nothing of the sort. Women, your obsession with him needs to stop- us men just want to be normal blokes!

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      Florence from Stanley Pontlarge on

      Clive, these accusations are totally unfair! I’m the one who has to undergo the trials of the bi-weekly Waitrose shop, as well as cooking and making gooseberry jam for my Women’s Institute meetings- all I do is ask you to provide a little bit of squirrel meat and that’s too much work for you? Bear is a real man and it’s about time you realised that.
      Besides, Bear said that drinking your own urine works wonders for your body, and God knows you need it with your piles.
      And goodness me, Clive, do you really think that this is an acceptable medium to be raising your concerns about our relationship?

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        Clive from Stanley Pontlarge on

        I’m sorry Flo, but I don’t see how walking around Waitrose wondering which brand of hummus to buy is the same as sitting in a tree at 6am every Saturday waiting to catch a squirrel! It’s hard to even get into the tree with my back problems!
        Sod your gooseberry jam. You know what I think of your W.I. meetings!
        And what do you mean this isn’t an acceptable medium? So you’re allowed to gossip with half of the village about my nasal hair or my discoloured underwear, yet the minute I say one word on an online student entertainment forum then I get nagged at? Come on, Florence, you’re a hypocrite!

        • avatar
          Florence from Stanley Pontlarge on

          Oh come on Clive, don’t be a fool. You love that hummus and you know I can’t get it anywhere else. Waitrose is at least a 15 minute drive away and I *always* get the trolley with the wonky wheel. Those bi-weekly shops are hard work- you’re being unfair.
          Don’t you dare talk about my gooseberry jam like that! It went down a storm at the church fete and you know it! Bear is a man who’d appreciate my gooseberry jam.
          You had to bring that up, didn’t you? I don’t gossip at all, I merely spoke to the vicar, the butcher, Jean at the Post Office and Mike (who owns The Jolly Cavalier). And one or two others. But how dare you call me a hypocrite?! There will be no hummus for you this week!

          • avatar
            Clive from Stanley Pontlarge on

            To be honest Flo, I couldn’t care less about your wonky wheels. I’ll find my own hummus. All I can say is I won’t be squirrel hunting this Saturday, that’s for sure.
            Well. I have no interest in your gooseberry jam and I’m sure Mr. Grylls doesn’t either. Stop bothering him.
            What do you mean you’ve been talking to Mike (who owns The Jolly Cavalier)? I thought that after …last time… you agreed you wouldn’t see him anymore? Are you telling me you’ve gone for another Baileys with the man?

          • avatar
            Florence from Stanley Pontlarge on

            I can talk to whoever I damn well please, Clive. Yes, I’ve gone for a few glasses of Baileys with Mike, maybe even a Sherry or two. I’m a 65 year old woman, for God’s sake, I have needs! And heavens knows you’re too busy with your gardening to satisfy me.

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            Florence from Stanley Pontlarge on

            And in case you were too ignorant to read between the lines- I want a divorce.

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    Ainsley, from South Woodham Ferrers on

    To be completely honest, I am having the opposite problem. I have loved Bear Grylls (personally, I like to call him Teddy) for many years and have tried to encourage my girlfriend to accompany me on an adventure course up North. Was she excited? No. She insisted on staying in the cabin the whole time watching old episodes of The Demon Headmaster on YouTube then, in a fit of rage, she used my copy of Bear’s autobiography as kindling for a fire. She said she was getting into the spirit of the adventure theme, but I knew it was a dig at me. we didn’t speak for days after that, at least not until I threatened to line the rat cage with the pages from Stephenie Meyer’s New Moon. So the moral of the story is, sometimes even if you want to be a Bear, your other half would rather you don’t exist.

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    Bianca, from Basildon on

    Look love, I have always been a musical spirit at heart (my mum once found me tinging away on a triangle in the bath when I was 18 – and that’s not a metaphore) and I am a firm believer that muisc solves everything. Really, everything. So, if you think about Bear Grylls, his spirit could be found in Jason Derulo’s song ‘Trumpets’. For example:

    Every time that you get undressed [BEAR ALWAYS GETS NAKED]
    I hear symphonies in my head [BEAR LOVES MUSIC, OBVS]
    I wrote this song just looking at you oh, oh [WELL, BEAR WRITES HIS OWN SHOWS]
    Yeah the drums they swing low [BEAR CROUCHES LOW TO TRACK ANIMALS AND STUFF]
    And the trumpets they go [I’M SURE HE LOVES TRUMPETS]
    And the trumpets they go
    Yeah the trumpets they go

    Anyway, I’ll leave it there, don’t want to cause too much of a fuss. I just think, when you really think about his manly shape and sexy build, it’s easy just to put your thoughts to music. And I think if some of the men here actually thought about this, fired up their iPod, they would become more like Bear in no time. Simple, really.

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    Sirisha, from Hackney on

    First, LOL at everyone posting where they are from (I’ve included mine – didn’t want to be left out lolz). Second, you do all realise Bear Grylls is a creation, right?! Like, he is sooooo not real. My friend told me he was animatronic (which I think means battery powered) but I know fo sho he is an actor (a recent RADA graduate whose actual name is Wallace Melanaisey). The whole thing is a hoax, i am certain of it. Btw, my mum thinks he’s fit, but that’s only because we’ve been on at her to get back in the game (she’ll be growing cobwebs down there soon if she doesn’t get some action). But yeah, his name is Wallace. I know it.

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    Jolene, from New Orleans on

    Oh my god, me and my boyfriend are crying over these comments. I need to tell y’all that Bear is a bit of a star here in the US. We did have a poster of him half naked in a jungle but my little brother stole it to use it for target practice (he’s shot that cute Brit in the face so many times you could sift flower through the holes). I’ll have to order another soon off the net. Anyways, I just wanted to support the good fight and thank y’all for makin my day so fine. This really is better than Thanksgiving. By the way, I hear you guys invented that old witch Mary Berry? That’s got me right riled, as my boyfriend can’t stop watching here and that’s got me thinking he’s a bit weird in the head – I mean, is that legal? She’s gotta be 100 if she’s a day. I’m gonna talk to my mom about this.

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    Victoria, from Oxford on

    There are many days when I feel lost or ill at ease, and if truth be told (and truth is a many-pronged word), I have been brought much joy and merriment by this comment thread. I have discovered lives infinitely more enduring, rich and fascinating than those freuqently seen on television, and I am including Mr Grylls in this analysis – nice though he is. In the end, if you will forgive me for following a similar tact than that of Bianca, I would like to share a cultural reference that I believe has resonance (more so than you may at first think) with this discussion. Here is what ms Sylvia Plath has to say in her seminal work The Bell Jar:

    “I guess I should have been excited the way most of the other girls were, but I couldn’t get myself to react. I felt very still and very empty, the way the eye of a tornado must feel, moving dully along in the middle of the surrounding hullabaloo”

    This must be similar to what Bear feels in the jungle sometimes, when he is cast off by Channel 4 to brave unknown dangers. He is playing with the idea of oblivion. This both frightens and excites me and I am so eager to see the new series. This is what life is. This is how we should be living it: unafraid, unashamed and with a nice tall TV presenter to guide us to our future.

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    Randy from Basingstoke on


  12. avatar
    Kirsten, from the Isle of White on

    This is the best thing ever. My girlfriend and I have been literally crying over these messages. I swear someone must have posted this on a freakish chat room somewhere to attract so many weirdos.

    Though if you forgive me for joining in, I’d like to talk about my frustration with my brother Joe. He is 19 and spends the whole day slumped on the sofa in his white briefs watching Countdown. He records the episodes (I mean, who records Countdown?!). My friends think he is hot, but I (being a lesbian, and related to him) cannot see it. Anyway, I kept on at him to watch something other than Countdown and have finally managed to get him to watch Bear Grylls in ‘Man Vs Wild’ when it all came on demand. He loves it, however one episode involving Bear falling into a river really upset him, so much so he’s now developed hydrophobia. He is ok with the shower, but even the bath makes him shout “Go get Bear, go get Bear”. Basically, Mr Grylls is more trouble than he is worth. And that’s that.

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    Christos, from Brisbane on

    Bear wouldn’t be a match for us Aussies. We do the stuff he does for fun and we don’t even shout about it. Someone told me he was going to play the male in the new Fifty Shades of Grey movie but I think they might have been lying. I used to have a book by him but the sharks have eaten it in desperation (my girlfriend and I are having disagreements about whether sharks should be pets or not; she really wants to get rid of them so, to make her point, she fed some of my books to our sharks and Bear’s book was one of them). To be honest, I just think they should bring back ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ and have done with it. We loved that show over here. Everyone should read Dickens at some point in their life, so it might as well be tomorrow. Bleak House or Hard Times, that is the question. Stay happy in the UK people!

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    Keeley, from Fife on

    Bear Grylls goes adventuring does he? Not on my watch. I’m going to sit up and watch my box set of Dawson’s Creek instead. I’ll love every minute of it. Having said this, there is no such thing as James Vanderbeek. Like Bear Grylls, James Vanderbeek is not real. My friend once said she saw him talking to Catherine Keener and Elizabeth Moss in WH Smiths but I insist it was actually a store supervisor who looked like him. And anyway, the prices of their Pick n’ mix are going through the roof, so you might as well get one of those medium-sized selection pots instead of a bag. I’m telling you, the disinigration of our high street stores is worrying, and no amount of Bear will save them. I can see the future and it really isn’t nice.

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