Review: The Trip to Italy


The Trip, a show in which actors/comedians Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon travel around the country eating scrumptious food at various restaurants, seemed like it simply could not get any better. Stuffed with comedy, friendship, beautiful places and mouth-watering grub, the show seemed idyllic in its achievement of light-viewing loveliness. How could they make this program any better? Take it to Italy of course!

In gratitude of the audiences enjoyment, it would seem, the producers of this show have given us The Trip to Italy, a program with all the perks of the original and the added bonuses of visits to the houses of Byron and Shelley, and yacht trips to secluded seafood havens. It’s Riviera-chic with British humour; an eclectic mix of comedy, fashion and testosterone… And it’s full of lovely Italian food! Bellissimo! I only start to wonder what will come next; whether the impressions of Liam Neeson and Richard Burton will lose their charm someday, or if Coogan and Brydon will finally come to blows over which of the two really is more important, successful and charming. But, that’s for the future to decide. For my part, I am more than happy listening to renditions of Under Milk Wood over a glass of Prosecco and a plate full of oysters… Perfection!


The Trip to Italy airs on BBC 2 Friday night at 10pm.


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