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Some exciting news for any television fans, about several different shows that are in the works:

Agents of SHIELD

Meanwhile, in Marvel’s latest TV venture, Agents of SHIELD exciting things seem to be on the horizon. Stan Lee has hinted that he has filmed an episode of the show, and has hinted that its not just his typical Marvel cameo. The comic book legend teased that it’s “a big role”.

Agents of SHIELD returns to UK screens in March.


Gotham hit entertainment headlines because of the fierce bidding war that engulfed the rights to bringing Batman’s home city to the small screen. FX won the battle, and Danny Cannon has been brought in to direct the shows pilot episode. The show will focus on the early police years of Commissioner Jim Gordon, before he meets the caped crusader. The show will have no continuity with Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, and the channel has already committed itself to a full season run.

The Strain:

The first set of images from new show The Strain have been released, courtesy of Yahoo television. The show centres around a team of scientists who are faced with a viral outbreak which looks suspiciously like vampirism. It is based on 2009 novel of the same name written by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, who also wrote the pilot episode of the show. The show features Corey Stoll (recently seen in House of Cards) Durand, Mia Maestro, Sean Astin, Robert Maillet, and John Hurt, who work for the team in the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) in New York. The show has been green lit for a 13 episode run, set to air in the US in July. See the images below:

The strain the strain 1

The Strain will air in the US in July on FX, and is yet to pick up a UK broadcaster.


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