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2013 has been a great year for television, with some stunningly dramatic moments, and it got us thinking about the shows that will be coming out next year, or that we hope will make a comeback! Some of them haven’t been filmed yet, and some of them probably haven’t been written, but regardless, here are 30 shows we think should air in 2014.

Absolutely Fabulous
Rumours of an Ab Fab movie continue to circulate, but after the specials in 2011, BBC requested a new series. This is yet to materialise but we have our fingers crossed for 2014.

Better Call Saul
A spin off from Breaking Bad, this show is set to come to Netflix at some point this year, focusing on Bob Odenkirk as lawyer Saul Goodman.

The US crime show featuring Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz should be returning for a ninth season some time in 2014, but when it will be is anyone’s guess – in the past Sky have been rather haphazard with the scheduling of the show.

Olivia Colman is on board and this is going to happen. The critically-acclaimed ITV crime drama gripped audiences when it aired earlier this year with peak ratings of 8.9 million viewers. Production begins in early 2014, and it is expected to be broadcast in August.

Criminal Minds
The US TV show follows a team of criminal profilers as they travel the USA, consulting with police departments on the behaviour of serial criminals. The show returns to Sky Living on 6th January 2014 for its ninth series – one that you should take the time to watch from the start.

Death in Paradise
The third series of the comedy crime-drama will kick off on 14th January, with Ben Miller continuing his work as Detective Inspector Richard Poole.

Death in Paradise-1570323

Downton Abbey
Following a whopping two hour Christmas special, Downton Abbey’s fifth series will arrive in 2014. Julian Fellowes is also working on a spin-off prequel revolving around the relationship between Lord Grantham and Cora.

Dominic Cooper plays Ian Fleming, 007’s creator in this new series. Considering how interesting Fleming’s life was, this show could be one to watch.

2014 will mark 20 years since the show started, and 10 years since it ended. Is a reunion on the cards? Fake announcements from NBC have been circulating the internet for months, but if anyone can tear Jennifer Aniston away from another dire rom-com, this might just happen.


Game of Thrones
The show was renewed in April for a fourth season of 10 episodes. In November it was announced that filming had almost finished, so it is expected to air in the spring.

Gavin & Stacey
Another speculative entry but we’re going for it anyway. Creators Ruth Jones and James Corden said that the third series would be the last, but have not ruled out the prospect of a one-off special. Christmas 2014, perhaps?

Returning in the US at the end of January, here’s hoping season three isn’t as dark as the last one. Some new characters will also enter the show played by Richard E. Grant and Felicity Jones (of The Worst Witch fame… yes).

One of the breakthrough successes of 2013, we can look forward to a couple more series’ of outspoken television narratives next year.

Great British Bake Off
There’s just not enough cake on TV.

Great British Bake Off

Grey’s Anatomy
A fantastic medical show whose tenth series will be showing in the UK next year.

The hit US TV show which takes the tales of the Brother’s Grimm and gives them a modern twist is set to air its third season at some point in early 2014.

Season two of the show that focuses on the relationship between Doctor Hannibal Lecter and Agent Graham. The show stars Mads Mikkelson and Hugh Dancy and if the first season is anything to go by, this is not one to be missed.

Ja’mie King: Private School Girl
Chris Lilley, is back again in a brand new comedy show, where he brings back character favourite, Ja’mie King. The show follows the bitchy teenager in her final year at Hillford Girls Grammar School and has already received a great response from Australia and the US.

ja'mie private school girl

Jonah Takalua
If one Chris Lilley series isn’t enough, he will also bring back Summer Heights High‘s resident bad-boy Jonah. Now we just need a Mr G series.

There’s a reason that when the show returns in January it will be airing its eleventh season – the show about the Naval Criminal Investigative Service team run by Agent Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) is a fantastic example of what a crime procedural should look like, with great team dynamics and interesting, long-running plots.

Orange is the New Black
An original Netflix series, this took the internet by storm this summer as the intriguing politics of prison life was displayed for all to see. With THAT cliffhanger ending, series two – expected in the spring – can’t come quick enough.

Season three of the US drama returns to UK screens in early 2014, and as fans of the show can attest – it is criminally addictive.


A contemporary adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes stories, the third series will begin on New Year’s Day on BBC One.

Following Tessa’s high school life in suburbia, new episodes of Suburgatory will reveal what has happened between her dad and Dallas following their break up in series two.

The American TV show, which follows two absurdly good looking brothers as they fight demonic forces should return to the UK at some point in 2014, for its ninth season.


The Fall
Jamie Dornan has a lot of work to do, with both the Fifty Shades of Grey film adaptation (due 2015) and as the vicious killer in series two of BBC Two’s brilliant crime drama. Viewers will be desperate to discover if Gillian Anderson (in her role as a thoughtful Met detective working in Belfast) will track down Dornan and bring him to justice.

The Following
Kevin Bacon returns in the second season of the engaging, and suspense filled drama, which follows Bacon as an FBI agent chasing down a cult of serial killers who are inspired by Edgar Allen Poe. Now that James Purefoy’s character is supposedly dead, where the show will go next is anyone’s guess.

The Smoke
A brand new Sky One mini series, The Smoke focuses on a group of London firefighters, and looks to be worth a watch.

The Valleys
The scandalous MTV series follows a group of twenty-somethings as they roam around Cardiff getting drunk. Horribly crude and a real guilty pleasure. Filming for series three ended in November, with the show due to air in the spring.


Us & Them
The US remake of Gavin & Stacey, it’ll probably be absolutely awful, but has a pretty impressive cast featuring Alexis Bledel as Stacey, Jane Kaczmarek as Pam and Kurt Fuller as Michael.

…and those are our 30 picks. Let us know what shows you’re looking forward to in the comment section below.


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    So random procedural shows and the swiftly falling downton abbey get in but the final season of Mad Men, post Brody Homeland and the 2nd half of Walking dead season 4 are left off?

    Sure, why not.

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      I’ll agree, Homeland and Mad Men was an oversight. As for Walking Dead – we didn’t include any shows that are currently in the middle of their season in the UK, or the list would be vastly bigger. As for the procedurals, they are some of the highest rated shows on TV, and so for us it makes sense for them to be on the list. And Downton – the finale was viewed by 10.5 million people at its peak, and its still a very relevant show.

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