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In our final installment of The Edge’s TV comedy picks, Will Dawson gives a passionate defense of cult show:


NBC have done a lot of really dumb things, milking Scrubs to its last painful episode the pinnacle, but renewing Dan Harmon’s Community may allow us to forgive this misdeed. Season four of the cult comedy has faced an awful lot of criticism from both fans and critics, I think unfairly.

Community is a Meta-comedy that is best known for parodying and passing social commentary on popular television shows and films. Season four received a lot of criticism for lacking imaginative spark in it’s concepts and many felt that loss of creator Dan Harmon had hindered the show’s ability to be original. This is just not the case. The show proves equally if not more funny than it’s previous three seasons.

The latest season includes countless references, including homage episodes to ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ and the hugely popular American drama ‘Heroes’. It’s witty, clever laugh out loud comedy.

The show has fallen victim to impossibly high standards set by it’s fans, but the truth is that it is still excellent, standing head and shoulders above other comedies out there. So we can all get back to wondering why Scrubs stopped being funny and enjoy the fact Community hasn’t lost it’s edge.

Community returns to UK TV screens in 2014. Seasons 1-4 are available on DVD now.


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