TV Comedy Pick: How I Met Your Mother


The next TV comedy show that our writers think that you should be watching:

How I Met Your Mother

Pegged originally as a “love story in reverse”, the aptly name How I Met Your Mother follows the journey of 20-something architect Ted through flashbacks as he tells his children the grand romantic tale of how he met their mother.

With the current ninth season being the show’s finale, it’s clear to see that this is obviously a rather long story, with many tales of life, love and Ted and his key friends’ daily antics thrown in along the way. But what sets How I Met Your Mother apart from all the other Friends successors is its own creative storytelling; the flashback approach allows for so many inventive and endlessly funny ventures.

With a key single narrative driving the whole series, there’s always a direction to edge towards, and with clues of the famous “Mother”’s appearance being hinted at along the way, How I Met Your Mother never slows down, always providing fresh and funny material.

Complete with one of the best supporting casts in comedy (not to mention everybody’s favourite Broadway entertainer Neil Patrick Harris as a permanent fixture), How I Met Your Mother is a clear contender for the cleverest and most original TV show on air. Be sure to grab the box-set and get up to date in time for the conclusion to TV’s most epic romance this spring.

How I Met Your Mother season 9 is set to air in the UK in 2014. Seasons one – eight are available on DVD now.


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