TV Comedy Pick: Him & Her: The Wedding


This series has become a bit of a niche pleasure for BBC Three, drawing generous audiences despite the fact that this is the fourth and final series. Previously it has often compared to The Royle Family due to the charming yet vile characters, and the show being exclusively set in just a few rooms. However, this series sees a complete change of pace, set at the wedding of Laura (Kerry Howard) and Paul (Ricky Champ). Hilarity ensues as the six-episode run includes all manner of nuptial-induced foolery surrounding the early morning wake up call, the drunken disco, and the couple’s newly born baby.

Of course, Him & Her would be nothing without the stars of the show; the slightly gormless pair Steve (Russell Tovey) and Becky (Sarah Solemani). Venturing out of their squalid flat for the first time, the audience catches up with the couple following their engagement at the end of series three. Expect tears, tantrums, arguments, and the tackiest television nuptials in years (if they even make it to the alter).

Him & Her: The Wedding is broadcast on Thursdays at 10pm on BBC Three.


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