TV Comedy Pick: House of Lies


In the first of a new series The Edge writers give you our list of TV shows that you should be watching:

House of Lies

House of Lies is crude, brash and more than a little overtly sexual – the warning about nudity and sex scenes are more than warranted by this show. Yet at the same time it is intensely witty, very interesting and brilliantly original. The show tells the story of Marty Kaan, (Don Cheadle who is at his best, as demonstrated by his Golden Globe win for the show) the leader of a group of management consultants who travel around the country and talk companies into hiring them to ‘solve’ their problems. Some of the best moments of the show come from when the show freeze frames, Cheadle steps out and delivers a pithy and very relevant line directly to the camera, and by extension the audience.

The show also stars Kristen Bell as Jeannie, Ben Schwartz as Clyde and Josh Lawson as Doug, the three other members of ‘The Pod’. The group dynamics are excellent, with each showing their own talent as actors with well nuanced performances. The writing blends comedy with well placed dramatic moments that make the show all the better for it.

Season two is currently airing on Sky, and with season three about to start in America, it seems clear that this show is here to stay, so now is the perfect time to get up to date with the show – its 30 minute episodes are perfect for binge watching, and once you’ve started you’ll be hooked.

House of Lies season two is available on demand on Sky Player. Season one is available on DVD now.


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