Review: Misfits (Series 5, Episode 1)


Misfits is now entering its fifth and final season. The show has seen many ludicrous storylines, including zombie cheerleaders and evil nuns, with varying success and humour. All of the show’s original characters have now left which may have prompted original viewers of the superhero comedy to turn off. However although the fourth series may have received a somewhat tepid reception due to weak storylines and character development, all of the shows’ current characters, with perhaps the exception of Abbey, are more than capable of holding their own.

Although Misfits may not be as original and fresh as it was when it first started, there is still more than enough here to watch, and indeed the first episode of the final series was so relentlessly funny that it would be foolish to miss it. Although the maturity of the series as a whole and particularly this episode is questionable, this is not a show that takes itself too seriously: anyone looking for serious drama should look elsewhere. Following on from last season’s revelation that Alex had cheated on Jess, the episode starts with him recovering in hospital after having a lung transplant from someone else with a power, therefore inheriting it. That this turns out to be the power to remove other people’s powers through sex somewhat epitomizes the ridiculous but entertaining premise of the series. This sets up one of the most obscenely funny and juvenile endings seen in Misfits.

The other main plot to the episode involved a scout group at the community centre who turned out to be agents of Satan. This was again completely bizarre, and the ritual sacrifice of chickens somehow evoked even more comedy throughout the episode. Predictably, this ends in a number of the main characters being possessed and also ties in with Alex’s storyline. Throughout the episode we are also introduced to a new super-power support group which hints at a longer term series-arc. By the end of the episode Rudy is given a jumper from a woman who is apparently able to knit the future, foreshadowing the transformation of himself, Finn, Jess, Alex and Abby into superheroes. Whilst the ability to ‘knit the future’ may at first seem like the writers scraping the barrel, consider that Alisha originally had the power to turn those who touched her into a sexual frenzy. However quite who the turtle was at the support group is anyone’s guess.

Still central to the continued success of Misfits is Rudy, who is frequently given most of the show’s funniest lines, and his impressive timing and delivery of each line shows why this is the case, exclaiming in one of the episode’s funniest lines “She dared me to swallow my full cornetto in one go. It’s given me the worst brain freeze. I thought I were going to die for a minute.” Whilst the series would undoubtedly be better with Nathan still in it, Rudy is a more than able replacement and Misfits still has as many laughs even in its fifth series.

Rumours of a feature film still continue to circle, however for the time being this series is being billed as the last eight episodes of the successful comedy-drama. For those looking for a light-hearted and funny series to watch, look no further than Misfits.


Misfits is broadcast on E4 on Wednesdays at 10pm.


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