Review: The Wrong Mans – Episode 4 (14/10/13)


The fourth episode of James Corden’s latest project, six part comedy –drama The Wrong Mans aired on BBC1 on Tuesday. If you haven’t yet seen the show, it’s definitely worth watching although it’s probably best to start from the beginning as the plot becomes increasingly intricate with each episode!  (Previous episodes are available to view on BBC iPlayer). Each show is packed with countless twists and turns. There is no way to predict what will happen next and that is exactly what makes the show so addictive. Radio Times journalist Jack Seale sums up the series effectively: “Every episode of The Wrong Mans sends our antsy heroes Sam and Phil several miles further away from normality.”

James Corden and Sam Pinkett star in the six part comedy drama

James Corden and Sam Pinkett star in the six part comedy drama

The show follows Horrible Histories star Matthew Bayton as the timid but likeable Sam Pinkett. Sam finds himself unintentionally caught in a complex and potentially dangerous plot and it’s not long before his work pal, Phil (James Corden) gets involved too.

The series blends comedy with dark, tense moments. Episode four ,’Inside Mans’ which aired this week, was certainly one of the ‘darker’ episodes. The show contains ‘realistic’ touches such as Sam’s break up with Lizzie (played by Sarah Solemani). He tries to deal with his heartbreak while simultaneously attempting to navigate the criminal underworld in which he finds himself. Emilia Fox plays the evil Scarlett (which seems an unusual piece of casting but somehow it works). This episode she manipulates Sam and Phil into retrieving her mysterious music box. In attempting to do so, the duo end up at a Russian millionaire’s drug-fuelled party in which Sam must effectively dance for his life.  Certain pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place in this episode, although it is still not clear where the series will venture to next.

Even with just two episodes left, there’s definitely no sign of the plot slowing down anytime soon.

Episode 5, titled Wanted Mans will air on BBC 1 on Tuesday 21st October at 9pm.


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