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A summer has commenced since the last season of Made in Chelsea, viewers have been kept enthralled with the drama of our favourite reality television stars by holding on to every interview and appearance placed in magazines all over the country, Boulle with a smoking Holly Willoughby, Louise and Andy’s swimsuit shoot together, Spencer’s interviews on the true troubles of his life and Rosie and Lucy’s various appearances at some of fashion’s hottest parties. But finally a few weeks ago we were teased with an all singing, all dancing theatrical advert announcing the desperate news.

Made in Chelsea season 6 began on Monday 14th October, we all marked our calendars, set phone reminders and finally at 10pm gathered in a fluffy bathrobe, chocolate close by, I sat down to watch.

M83’s ‘Midnight City’ kicks in, that oh so familiar opening, the tag line appears “I’d have sex with any one of my exes” and once again Made in Chelsea is officially back on our screens for series 6. After 5 series viewers have been left wondering what new things could be bought to the new series. Well, apart from all the old highflying antics that satisfy our ‘toff obsession’, viewers are still reeling from the break-up of Spencer Matthews and Lucy Watson, the possible cheating of Louise Thompson and of course the departure of two of our beloved MIC veterans, Millie Makintosh and Ollie Locke. So what could series 6 possibly have to offer?

Well it seems that this series has the potential to be the most dramatic yet, in the first show we dealt with a multitude of drama and fun. The fall-out from Lucy and lothario Spencer’s break up, the end of Andy and Louise’s relationship amidst rumours of Louise going ‘a la-Spencer’ on us with hints of cheating. Jamie plays his usual cheeky chappy role, Proudlock rocks a top-knot, Phoebe turns into a jealous ex combined with demon stare, Mark Francis and Binky almost capsize into a lake. Last but not least we receive two new spiffing men-folk known as Freddie and the oddly named ‘Miffy’ (David Mifsud) with some hot new females  to come, Belle Hardinge, Tiffany Reason and of course the famous Stephanie Pratt who we have yet to meet.


Essentially as is true of this structured reality’s past, drama is always present, though it seems that we may be seeing a new side of our favourite bad boy Spencer. The show opens with Spencer in psychotherapy discussing his dating history and of course the key theme that runs throughout that particular saga, his cheating. However, is this a hint that perhaps Spencer is finally trying to seek help for his ways? Will the bed hopper of Chelsea finally be able to settle down after therapy? The answer remains inevitably unanswered though the outcome looks doubtful, for six series this man has jumped bed partners more times than I’ve had hot dinners. Though nevertheless, who in Chelsea hasn’t?

The show gives an almost incestuous view of the dating history of Chelsea’s finest with everyone having a romantic/sexual link at some time so what relationships seem to be forming? Well it seems after the break-up of Andy and Louise we’re all wondering if she’ll immediately run back to Spencer (he does run to Louise’s aid the minute he knows of her single status….as a concerned friend of course). Lucy has sworn off love since being cheated on though one of our newbies, Freddie, approaches in a rather awkward and Hugh Grant-esque from Notting Hill manner asking for a date. Fran and Alex have been found canoodling and looking rather intimate much to the anger of ex Phoebe though she looks to be delighted Jamie is now officially single? All in all the series is rather typical in creating new relationships and destroying the old though it appears older, veteran characters are losing air time due to lack of possible new dating partners left.

Though the series adheres to its stereotype of presenting the young, rich deviant inhabitants of Chelsea with champagne antics and our favourite ‘toff’ Mark Francis declaring rather ostentatiously “IF YOU CAPSIZE THIS BOAT I CAPSIZE YOUR WORLD!” as is expected of the diva we have come to love, in this series we also get to see a softer side to some of the tougher characters. In this first episode we see the blunt, hard as nails Lucy Watson cry twice, (a role that usually Louise fills) demonstrating a vulnerability to her previously hidden. One has to wonder with Lucy crying and Spencer in psychotherapy are the people behind Made in Chelsea trying to change the preconceptions we have of the characters? It certainly seems that way.

Throughout I was made to laugh and empathise with favourite characters, and once again the next morning I was engaged in a typical Lucy VS Louise debate. I witnessed dancing underwater from Proudlock, received some cheeky ‘pale-bottom’ action from the delightful Francis Boulle and was permitted to bask in the cuteness of Louise’s brother Sam. I’m sure the female viewers of Made in Chelsea are more than pleased with the visual delights of countless abs on display this episode. But again this series has started off differently, already we have seen drastic alterations in characters and even new friendships have been formed, a.k.a since when did Rosie and Lucy become besties? All in all it looks as if this series could define a change in this bafta receiving reality. My only question is will the change equal the mildness of a korma or knock our heads off with a vibrant vindaloo twist?

Made in Chelsea is broadcast every Monday 10pm on E4 or alternatively catch up on 4OD.


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    Thomas Bulpett on

    Great review, I’m not a fan of the show myself (not my kind of thing) but the in depth description and analysis within this review has given me some idea into why this damn show is so popular. 😀

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