BluChristmas #13: Firefly (2002)


The year is 2517, and the Alliance has united all known planets under one flag, defeating the rebel Independents. There are differing degrees of prosperity, as those who live on the Core planets have all the amenities they desire, while those on the rim fight for what they need to survive. The contrasts between the slick Sci-fi core worlds and the western-esque Rim worlds is stark.

Firefly tells the story of Malcolm Reynolds, former independent sergeant, now Captain of the firefly class transporter ship, Serenity. He and his crew travel through space transporting less than legal goods around the universe, from illicit cows to stolen medicines.

The different characters, their backgrounds, and how they interact with one another is what adds a certain sparkle to the show. With characters ranging from the stiff, proper Doctor Simon Tam, to the gruff mercenary Jayne, and the damaged genius River Tam, Firefly showcases each individual, fleshing them out in a relatively short time.

The mix of genres is what makes Firefly a program of genius, and makes it perfect for HD viewing. The dirty western elements contrast with the shiny, sterile science fiction, creating visual magic. Scenes where Serenity flies through the black, with its firefly shape and coloured rear, are visually striking.  Collectors will be pleased to know that Fox have also released a gorgeous Steelbook edition of the series.

Firefly is released on Blu-ray disc in the UK by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Certificate 12A. 


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