Pure Dance 2013 ★★★★★


Pure Dance 2013 was one of the most anticipated shows of the year. 2012 was a stunning example of student talent, that and the packed audience for every show this year meant expectations were high.

The show opened in dramatic style with an X-factor style build up which led into a medley of different groups mixed into one grand opening routine. Throughout the show you were kept interested by a change of style and tone of dance – putting together the technical mix of ballet and energy and entertainment of Bhangra (the crowd favourite) being a perfect example of this. Other acts also managed to compliment each other, such as Break Dance and Contemporary. Break and Contemporary were incredible visual displays – incredible choreography almost flawlessly executed. Every act had a strong idea behind it and the dances themselves were, though not perfect, were very close to it.

The more expressive dances, such as Contemporary, Jazz, Street, Break Dance and Salsa were powerfully done. Street, were consistently my favourite as they blended storytelling, skilful dancing and fun into all of their acts. Break Dance and Jazz were more abstract but because of this they were less purposeful and wowed the audience.

The likes of Tap Dance, Salsa, Belly and Bhangra were all incredibly entertaining. Belly Dance opened the show with an atmosphere of mystic. Tap Dance had a continual hint of tongue-in-cheek to their performances which fitted their style. Similarly, Bhangra, easily the most ‘glam’ dance, gained massive support from the crowd, with constant cheering throughout.

Finally, there were the Ballet, Ballroom and Pointe acts. Much more precision and technique based, they matched the standard set my the other acts, but brought a different tone to Pure Dance – there was an intensity to these acts which wasn’t there before.

In all, Pure Dance was one of the most visually dazzling, touching and powerful pieces of art I’ve ever seen. The fact it was performed by students who do this as their passion is inspiring and their nearly perfect execution of a show over 2 hours is a testament to just how awe-inspiring Pure Dance 2013 was.


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