The PA Variety Show ★★★☆☆


Last Saturday saw one of the biggest nights around for SUSU’s Performing Arts, showcasing the range and depth of quality on offer from just a sample of the PA.
Covering everything from contemporary dance to a brass band, the PA show showed signs of quality throughout. Standout pieces included the preview of RENT by SUSU Showstoppers, which looks to be a must-see performance. Along with more traditional favourites like Theatre Group and the Concert Band’s performance of a Stevie Wonder medley, there were also great surprises from the refined technique of ballet to the sheer entertainment provided by Folk Soc.

Joe Hart (my companion for the evening) and I debated and discussed what we made of the various acts throughout the evening:

We first looked at Dance, where we felt there was a strong performance almost all-round. That said, though each act was – at worst – solid, the lack of some real flair and imagination made for an overall lacklustre, if technically good, performance from the dance societies. Ballet and contemporary dance did, however, show themselves off particularly well.

After that we looked at the successes of the Theatre – a snippet of RENT by Showstoppers and a short from Theatre Group. Both were extremely well done, RENT looking very nearly perfect and Theatre Group’s piece was incredibly touching, showing the maturity of writing and acting available in the PA.

Finally, we discussed Music. The main point we came to was that Folk Soc, were without doubt the most enjoyable act of the night. They nicely tied together an evening of unexpected but pleasantly surprising and diverse acts.


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