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When it comes to television programmes, I would define myself as a purist. I like the first series of a show, and when they change I find myself becoming a little less keen, as they meddle with the original concept. Take Pokémon for example; you start with an original series about Ash Ketchum making it as a Pokémon trainer, a programme which is loved by virtually every 90s child. I got up to watch it at 6am every morning before school, as I’m sure many of you did. When Pokémon: Gotta Catch ‘Em All had finished, it evolved (pardon the pun) into series such as the Adventures in the Orange Islands and the Johto Journeys, along with 14 films. Eventually the programme became unrecognisable from what I had initially enjoyed. Nevertheless, despite the same idea happening with Power Rangers, when I heard that Power Rangers Samurai was being released, the 90s child in me did a little hop skip and a jump. Maybe this is because I have gone the last decade without watching the five heroes, unless you include watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie at least once a year (including a further time as ‘research’ for this article).

So why is it that 90s children fell in love with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers? For boys it was surely the Pink Ranger, Kimberly. Need I say more? As Ivan Ooze said in the first film, “ah here comes that cute little Pink Ranger.” Everybody loved Kimberly, and unfortunately the Yellow one was forgotten about. Even after the pretty Pink ranger was replaced, she is still the one most remembered. Added to attraction of the Pink Ranger were the awesome moments where they shout “It’s morphin time”.  Other such moments of awesome were when Alpha 5 shouted “ay ay ay Jason’s in trouble”, when they called for their amazing zords and then inevitably they all joined together to defeat their villain, who no doubt suddenly became around 200 foot tall. Were they going to win? As a child, you just did not know; this programme gave us that sort of PG thriller-cum-horror that we craved, with its tense moments and its creepy monsters and ultimately good triumphing over evil.

I don’t believe you if you’re reading this and you claim to have never once pretended to be a Power Ranger; hands up if you wanted to be the Red One. And those even more willing to admit it will talk of the Power Rangers toys they had. I’m sure with age, you like me, watched less and less, and didn’t keep up to date with the new series, of which there has been 19 so far. But the latest series may well be worth a watch, as there is a chance that the appeal of the new series may capture the essence of the original series due to the fact that it is once again in the original owner’s hands. Now I don’t know what is going to happen in this new series of Power Rangers Samurai, due to be aired in November on Nickelodeon, but it promises to bring back the initial feel and comedy of the shows added together with some pretty kick-ass samurai outfits. So let that 90s child in you be the Red Ranger once more, and Go Go Power Rangers!


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