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If you would like to contact The Edge, please direct your queries to one of the following addresses, depending on the nature of your query:

General and Administrative Enquiries:

  • General:
  • Editor (Anneka Honeyball):
    • Contact for questions about the magazine, editing and wider issues.
  • Deputy Editor (Ashleigh Millman):
    • Contact for info about meetings, writers account, and mailing lists.
  • Online Manager (Jack Lewin):
    • Contact for issues with the website and accounts.
  • Head of Relations (Navi Ahluwalia):
    • Contact for info about tickets, interviews and society involvement.
  • Head of Publicity (Becca Hellard):
    • Contact about distribution, publicity materials and social media.
  • Head of Design (Liana Dent):
    • Contact for info about graphics, magazine imagery and style.
  • Head of Events (Octavia Woodward):
    • Contact for info about writers’ meetings and socials.

Section Enquiries:

  • Records Editor (Xavier Voigt-Hill):
    • Contact for info about new releases, album and single reviews.
  • Live Editor (Carly-May Kavanagh):
    • Contact for info about live previews, reviews and festivals.
  • Film Editor (Hollie Geraghty):
    • Contact for info about cinema and archive reviews and passes.
  • Features Editor (Rehana Nurmahi):
    • Contact for info about interviews, recurring and special articles.
  • Culture Editor (James Barker):
    • Contact for info about about gaming, television, book and performance reviews.
  • News Editor (Robert Pratley):
    • Contact for info about news stories or to pitch a story.

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We look forward to hearing from you!