Win Tickets To The Midnight Beast!


Having featured on E4 and released their own album in recent months, comedy trio The Midnight Beast are now embarking on the ‘I Kicked A Tour In The Face’ tour and will grace the presence of Southampton Guildhall on the 11th October. The Edge has secured two tickets to give away to this unique event!

To be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is comment below (and try to make it witty). A winner will then be picked at random from all of the replies.

Comments must be in by midnight on Wednesday 10th October. Good Luck!


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    I want to get these tickets but why the fuck would I want to go to southamton. But I guess I love them enough to go there. MAYBE. JUST FOR THEM

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    I tried to make some bread last night about half 12 but I couldn’t get it to rise because I had run out of my MIDNIGHT YEAST.

    If that’s not pure wit, then I don’t know what is!

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      The worst thing about flying on budget airlines is that you very rarely get a MID-FLIGHT FEAST.

      And before you ask, yes, I have many more of these…

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            Father O’Donohy was always the last person to buy a round at the bar because he was a QUID-TIGHT PRIEST.

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            The local cephalopods got into a bit of heated argument the other day. Rather annoying because it was me that made the SQUID-FIGHT CEASED.

            (I’m quickly running out of these so you better just give me the tickets now guys.)

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            I managed to make it to London the other day because I oiled myself up, took a run up, jumped belly first onto the M3 and SLID-QUITE EAST.

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            I met an odd werewolf once who only ever turned into a wolf during the first hour of every day, they called him the MIDNIGHT BEAST.

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