Author Alice Porter


Hi! I'm a first year student studying English. I'm from Worthing; though currently reside in Connaught Halls, Wessex Lane. Recently turned vegetarian, I’m interested in a variety of animal welfare, ethical and environmental issues, and am keen to document and campaign for many different social issues, including human rights, environmentalism feminism and equality. On a lighter note, I’m a keen film-watcher and maker, currently writing scripts, as well as theatre plays. My taste in films, as with music, is complex and I’m always open to new ideas. I enjoy cooking, art and creative writing (poetry and prose) as well as journalism. As such, I hope to get the most out of these crazy next three years by writing. Wish me luck!

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As an accompanying single to Rammstein’s upcoming best-of album Made in Germany 1995–2011, ‘Mein Land’…