Conor Maynard – ‘Vegas Girl’


‘Vegas Girl’ is teenage heartthrob Conor Maynard‘s second single, following on from the success of his debut single ‘Can’t Say No‘ which went to number 2 in the UK charts in April. ‘Vegas Girl’ follows a similar path to his first single with his *NSYNC style, breathless vocals and catchy R&B beat.

The lyrics are really something to behold, including “Roll the dice, I’ve got your number/ hit the jackpot underneath the cover”, and a chorus about “the girl that get down low” in the “club”. It’s exactly what you would expect from a teenage pop star but the slick production and surprisingly catchy chorus makes this a song which will do extremely well. The mature beat really makes this a great track and something which both his core fanbase and others will love.

Despite this, the video is exceedingly cringeworthy. The first 30 seconds may possibly be some of the most awkward and awful acting I have ever seen, as Maynard attempts to woo a girl, and instead of getting her number, takes a photo of her (as you do). However, it is another strong single from Maynard, but it will be interesting to see how his album sounds, considering that these first 2 singles have been very similar.

Maynard’s album Contrast will be released in the UK on July 30th



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