Freshers’ Ball (08/10/12)


That time of year has come around when through the illness (self inflicted or otherwise) Freshers gather together for a night to remember at the Students’ Union. Of course, it’s the Freshers’ Ball. Marking the end of a two week drinking marathon, I’m sure we’ve lost a few along the way to colossal hangovers or simply not wanting to leave the confides of Bencraft. The Freshers’ Ball brings together first years for a special night to lead them into the depths of their university life. I always find it fascinating how SUSU can literally transform into a fantastic venue to host such an event. The Concourse becomes a Funfair, The Bridge a wonderful Comedy Venue, the list goes on. There was honestly far too much to be able to do everything, which is of course a great thing!

Sabbs meet Verne!

Entertainment in the newly refurbished Bridge was fantastic. The way the sparkly new setting accompanied the night’s entertainment was
fantastic. It was packed out for the likes of comedians such as Marlon Davies and Seann Walsh (whom I saw comfortably wondering amongst the freshers before his set, mad). I found it very refreshing seeing so many people really interested by the comedy, maybe this is a sign of good things to come for the regular Comedy Central night in The Bridge Bar. After the comedy in the Bridge was a lovely meet and greet session with the legendary Verne Troyer! So overall, The Bridge’s entertainment was fantastic.

It’s a shame this can’t be said about West Ref. Before it reached 12pm it was virtually empty causing congestion and queuing to get into the Cube. It’s a shame that people weren’t aware (or just weren’t listening to information) of the entertainment in the West Ref. Resident DJ Joel Young is absolutely fantastic and as we ventured over to check it out there were about 3 people dancing! It’s a shame because I’m sure if people had taken the time to seek out the place they would have been having a great time rather than getting sweaty in the queue for the Cube.

Luckily when it came to Hadouken! the place was rammed and they definitely pleased the crowd. Their light show was incredible and their set had so much energy. I spoke to many an excited Fresher after their set; they reassured me that they were amazing despite having heard nothing of them since they were ‘trendy’ back in 2007. Moving past the teething problems of the West Ref as a venue, it was a great success by the end of the night.

Greg James

As for the Cube, it reached capacity way before Greg James had even entered Southampton. High on Heels gathered a pretty hefty crowd by the end of their set and got all the keen first years super excited for The Loveable Rouges. Having not known anything about them prior to their set, apart from recently finding out they came from the ITV show Britain’s Got Talent, I was pretty impressed. They performed well and having chatted to them before and after the show, they seemed to have had a great time here at SUSU.

Next up was Chip (formally known as Chipmunk). Despite being late on the crowd seemed to suitably enjoy his set as well proving that SUSU really did well this year in terms of acts. But we all know what everyone in the Cube was waiting for; the loveable Radio 1 DJ Greg James. We spent some time with him before his set, he generously shared his beers (Thanks Greg!) and we had a chat about a multitude of things (interview coming soon to The Edge). He played an hour long DJ set and I’ve never seen the crowd at the Cube get so rowdy! Security were literally holding back the barrier. It was mental.

And to top it all off, an engagement! Fresher William proposed to Fresher Kate (great names) live onstage with Greg cheering them on in the background. It made an already crazy night that little bit more surreal (She said ‘yes’ by the way). Greg finished off his set with some chart classics, which was a great end to my night as I headed over to the Safety Bus. For those who stayed the whole night, there was a great DJ set from Sigma leading the remaining survivors through until to the early hours. All in all, a massive well done to SUSU!

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