From Hercules to The Purge’s sequel, this week’s film round-up has it.


After almost five years La Roux has returned, but has her second album been worth the wait?


The American band also revealed upcoming album’s track list, including a collaboration with Gwen Stefani.


Zodiac encompasses all of Fincher’s thematic interests and showcases his signature style in a story that is surprisingly personal for the director, says Harrison Abbott.


The drama-thriller stars Benedict Cumberbatch and will be released in the UK in November this year.

Careers Destinaton


Bleachers - Strange Desire

Jack Antonoff might not yet be a household name, but this might be the project that gets him there.

Rise Against - The Black Market

Chicago punk rockers Rise Against are back, three years after the hugely successful ‘Endgame’, with a cathartic but nevertheless powerful seventh album.

Fleet Foxes (2008)

In the midst of a heavily electronic zeitgeist, the past decade has experienced a reactionary rise in the output of folk music. For this the …