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This week’s TV round-up sees the return of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and The Arrow, as well as the beginning of a fascinating documentary series on Monroe’s death.


This week’s round-up consists of Taylor Swift’s new album and, Hampshire-born, Alexa Goddard’s latest offering, and a new instalment of Live Lounge sessions.


Although it’s not the album fans might have wanted from Howard, this record stands alone as a truly exciting and experimental follow up.


The track will follow the likes of previous singles ‘Money On My Mind’ and ‘Restart’.

the curse of love

The Curse of Love takes you on a journey across a spectrum of moods, and genres.

Careers Destinaton


Maroon 5 Songs about Jane

Over a decade since Maroon 5 released first album Songs About Jane, they can still top the charts; but recent albums are no match to their debut.


Oli Polhill takes a look at the album which revived Green Day’s career, and sent them hurtling into a second wave of stardom.


The Keeping Room Movie (2)

“Regardless of his arguably over-eager approach, Daniel Barber’s The Keeping Room is an incredibly well-crafted update of the classic American western” – Our London Film Festival critic takes a look at The Keeping Room, staring Sam Worthington, Hailee Steinfeld and Brit Marling.

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  • fury-brad-pitt-image

    “Despite creating something that stands as both entertaining and deeply affecting, Ayer has sacrificed the stability of his film in favour of a more disconcerting grittiness that leaves a profoundly bad taste in the mouth” – Ben Robins looks at Brad Pitt’s latest star turn in Fury.

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