Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner stars in Coixet’s upcoming thriller, Another Me.


Working Title have bought the cinematic rights to one of the most popular book series for children ever.


This week’s round-up is an all-female feature, including Leah McFall, Pixie Lott, Rae Morris and Jenny Lewis.


This week’s TV includes the return of Scandal and Noel Fielding gracing our screens again with his iconic idiosyncrasy.


The Editor, Rebecca James, comments on Marvel’s female superhero latest announcement.

Careers Destinaton


Bleachers - Strange Desire

Jack Antonoff might not yet be a household name, but this might be the project that gets him there.

Rise Against - The Black Market

Chicago punk rockers Rise Against are back, three years after the hugely successful ‘Endgame’, with a cathartic but nevertheless powerful seventh album.

Fleet Foxes (2008)

In the midst of a heavily electronic zeitgeist, the past decade has experienced a reactionary rise in the output of folk music. For this the …